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Southeast Bank VISA Credit Card all information has been found my website. Southeast Bank follows this commitment Core Values, Integrity, Respect, Fairness, Harmony, Team Spirit, Courtesy, Commitment, Service, Excellence, Insight and Spirit, Enthusiasm for Work, Business Ethics. High quality financial services with state of the art technology, Fast customer service, Sustainable growth strategy, Follow ethical standards in business, Steady return on shareholders’ equity, Innovative banking at a competitive price, Attract and retain quality human resource, Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility. Southeast Bank introducing Cards facilities this Cards name is Southeast Bank VISA Credit Card this Cards are so much facilities. So if you interested to get Southeast Bank VISA Credit Card facilities then as soon as collect Southeast Bank VISA Credit Card. Southeast Bank VISA Credit Card

Southeast Bank VISA Credit Card:

Apply now & enjoy the spectacular facilities of Southeast Bank VISA Credit Card.

Single Card-Dual Use (Local & International):   

Southeast Bank VISA Credit Card (Dual) has unique feature of allowing limits both for local and international usage in a single card. However, one may opt for separate cards if he / she find the same convenient for him / her. Southeast Bank VISA Credit Card (Dual) is accepted at any merchant locations or payment counters displaying Visa logo in any part of the world.

● Widely Accepted at Merchants & ATMs Worldwide

● Competitive Annual / Renewal Fee

SEB Credit Card

20 – 50 Days Interest Free Credit Facility:             

Southeast Bank VISA Credit Card allows free credit facility on purchase up to minimum 20 days and maximum 50 days without any interest if there is no outstanding amount on the card account in the previous month’s bill.

50% Cash Drawing Facility at ATMs and any Southeast Bank Branch:       

Southeast Bank VISA Credit Card holder can draw cash up to 50% of the credit limit against his / her card. Cash may be drawn from all ATMs or payment counters having Visa logo. Cash withdrawal facility is also available from any of our branches across the country. No interest free grace period is available for any cash advance.

100% Cash Drawing Facility at purchase mode through Card Cheque:    

Cardholders can issue Account Payee Card Cheque against local limit. Transaction mode of Card Cheque will be treated as Purchase.

SEB Credit Card

Easy Repayment:            

Cardholder has also the option of paying a minimum of 5% of his / her bill amount every month and thus can enjoy the flexibility to plan repayment in installment basis.

Auto Payment facility: 

If a cardholder maintains an account with any of the SEBL branches, he / she can instruct us to realize the monthly bill against his / her credit card from his / her SB/CD/STD account automatically. Southeast Bank VISA Credit Card.

Payment of International Roaming Bill of Mobile Phone           

● Cardholder can pay his / her international roaming bill of cell phone through Credit Card.

● Auto Debit Facility of Mobile Phone Post Paid Subscribers

Free Supplementary Cards:       

Supplementary cards are issued against a Principal Card. While each supplementary cardholder will have his / her own independent usage within the principal card – holder’s credit limit, the expenses will be charged to the principal card – holder’s account. Separate limit but not exceeding the principal may be fixed for each supplementary card.

SMS Push – Pull Service:              

Cardholder can enquire about his / her credit card status through his / her cell phone.

Push services:

1. Transaction alert

2. Bill status

Pull services:

1. Balance enquiry

2. Statement status

3. Minimum due status

4. Last transaction enquiry

24 hours Customer Service

Rate of Interest:

● Any amount that remains outstanding after the payment due date will attract an interest @ 2.50% per month calculated on daily basis from the date of transaction until the entire amount is paid in full.               

● In case of cash advance, the interest @ 2.50% per month will be charged and calculated on daily basis from the date of transaction until cash advance is paid in full.

Southeast Bank VISA Credit Card:

Southeast Bank VISA Credit Cards Gold Card Classic Card


Principal Card Annual / Renewal Fee:
Local Tk. 1200.00 600.00
International / Dual USD. 60.00 30.00
02. Supplementary Card Annual Fee / Renewal Fee :
Local Tk. Free Free
03. Replacement Card Fee :
Local Tk. 300.00 300.00
International / Dual USD. 10.00 10.00
04. Late Payment Fee :
Local Tk. 350.00 200.00
International / Dual USD. 10.00 10.00
05. Return Cheque Fee :
Local Tk. 350.00 250.00
International / Dual USD. 10.00 10.00
06. Statement Retrieval Fee:
Local Tk. 50.00 50.00
International / Dual USD. 5.00 5.00
07. Charge Slip Retrieval Fee :
Local Tk. 250.00 200.00
International / Dual USD. 10.00 10.00
08. Outstation Cheque Collection Fee :
Local Tk. 100.00 100.00
International / Dual USD. 15.00 15.00
09. Personal Identification Number (PIN) Re – issuance Fee :
Local Tk. 500.00 500.00
International / Dual USD. 10.00 10.00
10. Excess Limit Charge :
Local Tk. Nil Nil
International / Dual USD. Nil Nil
11. Cash Withdrawal Fee:
Local Tk. 2% of advance fee or Tk. 100 which is higher
International / Dual USD. 2% of advance fee or $ 3 which is higher
12. Cheque Honor Fee:
Local Tk. 1% of the drawn amount
International / Dual USD. N/A N/A
13. Cheque Book Issue Fee:

Tk. 15 per leaf

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