Are you embarrassed by your OPEN TERRACE COVERING IDEAS skills?

Want to add some exclusivity and opulence to your house? Focus on your terrace. Some impressive open terrace covering ideas are shared in this article.

A beautiful terrace glorifies your home. You can display your taste and creativity by choosing a unique design for your terrace. Spending family time on an open or covered terrace is loved by all.


An open terrace is lovable in summer but in other seasons we look for a covered one. Sitting on the terrace, holding a cup of coffee and enjoying the raindrops, an amazing scenario, right?

Terrace Shed Ideas

  • How do I cover my terrace?
  • What will be the decoration and furniture?
  • What would be the ideal look?

Whenever you plan something for your home, you are surrounded by thoughts and calculations. These open terraces covering ideas might help you. Read more articles about home improvement here.

Textile terraced roof

The idea of the textile terraced roof is one of the best answers to open terrace covering ideas. It is a highly flexible patio roofing. You can enjoy a sunny day just by removing the textile. If you are bothered with the raindrops, you need to stretch it back, it’s so simple.

To enjoy any climate, this shade covering idea is simply best. Once the season is over, simply take off the rags, clean them and re-stretch them in next year.

Reed-roof patio

You can go for a similar filigree structure to cover your terrace. It is good enough to protect from the sun rays but it doesn’t hold down any rain. Reed would be the best option if you are looking for eco-friendly roofing material.

Using Stretch fabric to cover the terrace

Using a stretch fabric gives you an additional advantage of sail as a terrace roof. It is light and suitable in windier areas. It can be used in different portions of the terrace. You need to be careful when choosing the material. If you want protection from rain then you must buy a water-resistant fabric.

Terrace covering with windows and glass doors

What’s your opinion about having a glass shade? Do you like to cover your terrace with glass windows and doors?

If you like the bit of shade during the rainy days then a panel of tinted glass is the perfect option for you. If your budget is high then just go for the glass shades. It is costly but durable and classy. It will last longer but yes you do need to clean the panes often.


If you want everything at once then awnings on the terrace are your ultimate roofing solution. Your grandparents might opt for awnings in their 1940s, but still, people love them. These days’ awnings are softer, good-looking, and sturdy.

If you don’t want the rays or rain to touch you then just retract the awning so that you can enjoy your time even without a roof. Awnings are available in different colors and materials, that’s a plus point too.

Patio with Curtain

Do you want to cover your table so that your creamy cheesecake doesn’t melt? Do you also prefer enough light in the outer terrace?

A patio with a curtain is the best option for you. It is simple, not so costly, easy to use, and classy too. The concept is versatile: the curtain rod is made of simple wood, and it can protect from wind and rain gust. Without investing a bulky amount you can add little shade to your pergola.

Terrace with traditional roof shingles

There are different types of roof shingles available in the market. Depending on your budget and choice, you can choose the perfect one for you. Asphalt roof shingles, metal roof shingles or Faux Slate shingles, any of them would be used to cover the roof.

Shade sail pergola

If you are looking for a modern low-maintenance open terrace covering ideas, you can try the shade sail pergola. A horizontal-slat screening pergola will create an interesting effect on your terrace. It can be used for dining or other entertainment purposes.

Simple DIY shade

Using copper pipes and fittings, you can have a good shade for your terrace. Your DIY talent will help you in this project. Even if you are a newbie, you must try this budget-friendly idea.

The reliable patio umbrella

Are you looking for an open terrace covering ideas on a low budget? Or you are having a small space? An umbrella would help you in the hot sunny summer. Umbrellas are old-fashioned but yet not a shunned choice. You just need to find the durable one from a trustworthy seller. Before buying, don’t forget to measure your space.

Pull-down shades

You can go for a pull-down shade as a cover to your terrace. A classic pergola keeps things dappled and doesn’t block the sun fully. The roll-up shades are handy in nature and it is cool to use.

When you are bothered with the rays, simply pull down the shades and enjoy. These thin wood slates will give you warmth but will not beat you down.

Yellow shade cover

A simple yellow cover can look beautiful as a terrace covering shade. You can design your rooftop with sunny yellow fabric and it will add some color and brightness to your home too.

Tips for the Best Open Terrace Covering Ideas

You can enjoy a beautiful terrace even within a small budget. Some lattice lighting, colorful awning, a corner with green plants, or a simple swing can do great to make your terrace look better. You may follow these tips to have an amazing terrace shade design:


  • Go for the smart outdoor furniture
  • Add a swing if your terrace is not a small one
  • Install a ceiling fan
  • Go green and get some fresh air
  • Choose the trendy lighting
  • Use an artificial vertical garden
  • Make the walkway colorful
  • Keep the side of the trellis open

To give your terrace a completely classic look you can try these open terrace designs:

    • Railing planters
    • Wooden floor
    • Open-air seating
    • Potted trees
    • Wall of flowerpots
    • False ceiling
    • Vines
  • Lounge chairs
  • Focal wall

There are thousands of ideas whenever you are looking for an open terrace covering ideas. Depending on your budget, space and taste you have to pick the best suitable one for you. The roofing materials, decorative items, labor costs, etc. should be analyzed before you start a project.

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