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Meghna Bank Personal Loan

Meghna Bank Personal Loan

Meghna Bank is the newly best commercial bank in Bangladesh. Meghna Bank Personal Loan is designed to meet any legitimate expenditure of a customer. This loan is basically unsecured in nature and is backed by personal guarantee from any eligible guarantor. Sharing makes life perfect to make solution of personal Loan. There must have been many occasions when you have had some money and needed some more for some specific purpose. Meghna Bank Personal loan is the right Product for you, where you give some and we share the rest with you making life simple for you. If you know any other information about Bank Loan then must visit

Meghna Bank Personal Loan:

Meghna Bank believes in relationship building and focuses on sustainable and long term growth both for the bank, its clients and the community it operates in. Despite the constant threat of the global economic recession and its subsequent effect on the Bangladesh. Meghna Bank launched many products the Personal Loan is one loan product. Meghna Bank knows its target customers and as such offers new products and services to cater to their contemporary taste and need of Personal Loan.  Meghna Bank Personal Loan is more attractive product in this bank.

Meghna Bank Personal Loan:


Salaried Individuals & Professionals of reputed institutions with minimum 1 year of continuous service

Self-Employed Professionals who are self-employed and have at least 2 (two) years of independent practice in relevant profession

Businessman having high net-worth with at least 5 (five) years of continuous operation in relevant line of business

Landlord/Landladies who have sufficient rental income from properties owned by them

Meghna Bank Personal Loan:

Meghna Bank Personal Loan


MEGHNA Personal Loan can be utilized for any of the following purposes:

a)            purchase of any consumer items i.e. Television, Refrigerator, Audio System etc.

b)            expenses related to travel, marriage, medical treatment, education etc.

c)            expenses related to renovation and/or refurbishing of apartment/flat

d)            any other legitimate personal expenses

This loan is not intended for investment in business


Minimum Loan amount is BDT 50,000.00 and Maximum Loan amount is BDT 500,000.00


Minimum tenure of MEGHNA Personal Loan would be 2 (two) years while maximum tenure would be 5 (five) years

For further information please visit any branch of Meghna Bank Ltd.

Any other information about Bank Loan then must visit

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