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Meghna Bank Express Loan

Meghna Bank Express Loan

Meghna Bank is the newly best commercial bank in Bangladesh. Meghna Bank Express Loan is a secured loan (EMI based/overdraft) which is allowed against cash securities. Meghna Bank Express Loan is designed to meet any legitimate expenditure of a customer. Meghna Bank Express loan is the right Product for you, where you give some and we share the rest with you making life simple for you. If you know about any purpose Loan from Bank then visit my site

Meghna Bank Express Loan:

Meghna Bank believes in relationship building and focuses on sustainable and long term growth both for the bank, its clients and the community it operates in. Meghna Bank launched many products the Express Loan is one loan product. Meghna Bank knows its target customers and as such offers new products and services to cater to their contemporary taste and need of Express Loan.  Meghna Bank Express Loan is more attractive product in this bank.

Meghna Bank Express Loan:


● Any individual or company can avail this facility.

Meghna Bank Express Loan:


● You will have quick loan processing & disbursement facility.

● You don’t need to pay any processing fees/charges.

● You will be earning interest on the securities deposited (under lien) while enjoying credit facilities.

● You can avail Loan/Overdraft Limit up to 90% of face value / deposited amount of the instrument / account.

● Minimum loan/overdraft limit is BDT 50,000.00.


● MEGHNA Regular Fixed Deposits

● All MEGHNA Deposit Schemes


● For Overdraft – 12 months (renewable)

● For EMI based Loan – upto 36 months for loan amount upto 2 lacs

● For EMI based Loan – upto 60 months for loan amount above 2 lacs

Meghna Bank Express Loan


● DP Note

● Letter of Continuity

● Letter of Disbursement

● Letter of Lien & Off-set

● Memorandum of Deposit of Securities

● Letter of Authority to encash securities

● Personal Guaranty (in case of third party security)

● Duly discharged instrument (where applicable)

● Any other securities (as required)

For further information please visit any branch of Meghna Bank Ltd.

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