Some Inexpensive Ideas to Make Your Bedroom Look Lavish and Classy


You would love to have a bedroom that looks like it belongs to the gallery of a classy home decor magazine, wouldn’t you? After returning from a vacation, we often miss the breathtakingly beautiful hotel bedroom. An elegant, chic, and picture-perfect bedroom is everyone’s dream. But like many of us, your budget might refuse to cooperate with your desire.

Don’t give up and dream for the bedroom you always cherished. It is possible to give your bedroom a stylish hotel-like look even within your budget. Without breaking the bank, you can get a luxurious look for your bedroom. All you need is following some tips and tricks.


Follow the “neat and clean” formula

A fundamental but effective way to make your bedroom looks better is to cut the clutter. All appreciate a clean and clutter-less room. We all love the posh-looking hotel rooms because they are clean, organized, and clutter-free. 

Cleaning doesn’t cost much; you need to organize things. Takedown any unframed posters, and stash all your remotes in a drawer or basket. Dust, mop, or vacuum frequently to make sure the room stays clean and tidy.

Focus on your furniture

If your bedroom is overcrowded with furniture and accessories, then you might feel cluttered and unorganized. Do a short scanning and decide whether you need all the furniture, or you might remove one or two. Removing the unnecessary furniture (if any) will create more space and give you a less cluttered feeling.

The size of your bed matters, so be realistic while shopping for your bedroom. King size bed sounds royal, but if your room is not so big, then it will make your bedroom smaller. Choose furniture according to the room size, and it will leave an organized and airy impact on your room.

Bedroom Furniture

Create one focal point

Creating one prime feature instead of cramming too many ideas is a good idea. Once you enter the room, your attention should be drawn to the main focal point. A beautiful painting covering the wall or an exclusive chandelier can be the main attraction of your bedroom. If there are too many things to focus on, it might affect your sleep also. One focal point creates an initial impact in the room without overwhelming the occupant.

Style your pillows

Are you looking for one tweak to have a good looking bed? Just style the pillows. According to the interior designers, a classy bed is always topped with nicely layered pillows. Practical pillows, the ones you sleep on, should sit propped against the bedhead, overlaid with embellished pillows in height order. 

Dress the bed perfectly

To get the luxurious hotel vibe, you need to dress you appropriately. A perfectly made bed is very vital to upgrade your bedroom. Don’t rely on the same duvets you sleep with nightly, opt for two sheets, and fold the edge of the top one over the duvet for a sophisticated look.

Choose colors wisely 

Put some extra effort while choosing the color of your bedroom, regardless of whether it’s a master, children’s or guest bedroom. The beautiful soothing color will not only bring an immediate calming impact but also soothe your soul too. 

As soon as you enter the room, you should feel relaxed and composed. Soothing colors like light grey, cream white, beige, sky blue, light purple, or light brown can create an extraordinary impact on your room.

Avoiding the bold colors are suggested by the experts, as bright colors might affect your relaxation process.

Dress the bed perfectly

Windows dressing

Dress the window is a fruitful idea to follow. Apart from blocking the light, window dressing does so much more actually. To give your bedroom a classy and vibrant look, you cannot ignore the curtain part. Curtains add drama to a room.

If your windows are short, then consider hanging curtains. Hanging curtains will look more opulent and transform an ordinary window into an interesting one.

Choose curtains that compliment the room color. Within budget, you can find some stylish and fashionable pieces of curtains to give your room an elegant look.

A right carpet is all you need

A plush carpet under your foot, and you feel like sleeping on it, did you ever felt this way? Carpet is the coziest and warmest floor finish for any bedroom, which makes you feel classy and relaxed. At the end of a hectic day, a carpet gives a warm welcome to your feet.

 you can add a soft rug to make the overall space of your floor, especially if it has tiles or timber.

Trying a tray is worthy

By adding a nice try to your nightstand or dresser top, you can give your bedroom a new look, and you don’t need to pay a considerable amount also. No need to buy the expensive one, go for a pretty tray and give it a golden or silver coating. 


You can use this tray to hold the scattered items on your dresser top, such as perfumes, jewelry, or watches. You can feel the difference as you add this tray, instantly your room will look elegant.

Add stylish seating

A vintage chair or bench can create a classy atmosphere in your bedroom if you put it in the perfect place. If there is space, then add a chair near the window nook or beside a nightstand. Thus you get a place to sit and enjoy a book with a cup of coffee, or you can put or clothes temporarily. Plus, adding such type of chair will give your room a feel of the striking design seen in a boutique hotel.

Green is awesome

Adding some greenery is always an inexpensive idea to upgrade your room. Though it is the easiest and quickest way, it works to add a luxury ambiance to your bedroom.

You can find different types of indoor plants in the nursery. Choose any of your favorites and decorate your room with the green beauty. Put it in a well-decorated spot, and you can opt for ceramic or metal containers too. Fern, Chinese evergreen or dracaena, will look great on the dresser.

Your bedroom will look great, and you will get a natural air purifier too. What else do you need?

Choose Crown Moldings

An addition of a classy crown molding can upgrade your room’s look from ‘ordinary’ to ‘exclusive.’ If crown moldings are not installed, then visit the local home décor shops or similar stores. If you are not an expert in home décor, then go for the self-adhesive molding that looks beautiful from down below. You can paint the molding too.

Pick an exclusive blanket 

Are you looking for an immediate style to the foot of your bed? A luxurious quilt can be your ultimate choice. If you want to have that luxurious look, then you should put a classy blanket to the foot of your bed. Bedding made from fuzzy wool, velour, silk, velvet, or even faux fur will do great. You can invest in a material that looks lavish would jazz up even the simplest bed.

Upgrade your hardware

It would be best if you didn’t keep the old and default hardware that came with your dresser and nightstands. Replacing hardware is an inexpensive and fresh way to give your room a better look. You can choose among different options: copper, crystal, or gemstone. Screw it into place, and be surprised. Your furniture just got a remodeling, your bedroom looks a little bit richer, and your wallet wasn’t bruised at all.

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