IDM vs Eagleget – Which is the best downloader for you?

Choosing The Best Download Manager

I need a good download manager because I download a lot of things every day. I need to have my downloads organized and I need to ensure they are having maximum speed. I also need the software to be easy and intuitive. A good download manager should be able to resume downloads with ease, has good browser integration and work seamlessly. Video downloading is a plus and it should be easy to use. I have been playing with different download managers for some time now. Of them all, I found Eagleget and IDM both have some pros and cons and compete for toe to toe. Which one is for you? Let’s find out!

Eagleget / IDM – UI

Eagleget looks like this

IDM vs Eagleget - Which is the best downloader for you

On the contrary: IDM looks like this

IDM vs Eagleget

Verdict: After analyzing both UI screens, we found both were easy to use. However, IDM had more features baked it into a very satisfying UI. But, we would have loved to see a more modern touch in IDM UI.
Winner: Both

Functionality IDM vs Eagleget:

Both browsers support some common functionality. Like

  • Supports HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, MMS and RTSP
  • Can be integrated to Chrome, IE, Firefox, Opera, and uses multi-threaded technology to boost downloads.
  • Automatic refresh expired download links.
  • Built-in video downloader and others

But IDM has some unique features compared to Eagleget

  • Site login
  • Automatic Scheduler
  • Automatic Scheduler with Shutdown PC after downloads complete
  • Arrange files by their category (compressed/documents/music/video)

So in this round:

Winner: IDM

Download Speed

Internet Download Manager can accelerate downloads by up to 5 times due to its intelligent dynamic file segmentation technology. IDM was one of the first few managers that introduced this file segments downloaded technology and it still beats others ass! IDM still achieves best acceleration performance comparing all others. I ran a test comparison, downloading the same file from same server using different download managers. The result was something like this:

IDM vs Eagleget

Winner: IDM

Video Downloader

I have tried different download managers, the one thing that always attracted me Video Downloader. And Eagleget is the only free download manager that comes with Video Downloader. However, you visit any site with video, it shows an option to download the video. As simple as that! On the contrary, Eagleget downloader also works on most sites but sometimes it doesn’t show up. The reliability is not as good as IDM.

Winner: IDM

Final Verdict

Choosing between them is easy. If you want to have the BEST DOWNLOADER – Go for IDM.

Despite having troubles, some people prefer to use IDM via various cracks and other illegal ways. Hey, DON’T DO IT. There’s one major disadvantage of using cracks.

  • You cannot use the always updated version
  • You cannot take update via auto updater
  • Browser Integration breaks

The major problem of using an old version of IDM is, it loses browser integration capability. The browser integration has to be updated regularly to have 100% functionality. And it’s a pain, cracking each time after the update. So what you can do, you can head over to the Internet Download Manager official site and buy the licensed copy for $19.99 a lifetime license 

If you don’t want to crack, want a free solution, use Eagleget and have peace!

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