Human Resources Management Job Analysis Part -5

Human Resources Management Job Analysis Part -5


HRM Part 5

Human Resources Management is the most important function not only Bangladesh but also whole of the world. Now I discuss here Job Description, Duties and Responsibilities, Job Specification, Job Characteristics and Multifaceted Nature of the Job Analysis. Human Resources Management deals with human relations of an organization starting from recruitment to management. Any Organization is the most important part of Human Resources Management It is a process of acquisition, development, motivation, and maintenance of human resources of an organization. Previous I discuss Human Resources Management part-1 in Bangladesh function of Human Resources Management and fundamental of Human Resources Management in Bangladesh now I discuss this part -5 of Job Analysis in Bangladesh Modern Concept.

Human Resources Management:

Job Descriptions

Faculty Member, College of Business

a) Job Title: Faculty Member                                                       Occupational Code No. 4554

b) Reports to: Department Chairperson                                                Job No. 079

c) Supervises: None                                                                                        date: 7/10/2012

d) Environmental Condition: None

e) Functions: Teach one or more subjects within a prescribed business and economics curriculum

Human Resources Management:

HRM Part 5

Duties and Responsibilities:

● Prepare and deliver outside reading assignment.

● stimulate class discussion

● Compile, administer, and grate examinations – or assign this work to others.

● Direct research for others working for advanced degree.

● Conduct research in particular field of knowledge and publish findings in professional journals.

● Perform related duties, such as advising students on academic and vocational curricula.

● serve on faculty committees.

● provide professional consulting to government and industry.

● Other duties as assigned by department head.

Job Specification: 

Job Characteristics:

Understanding of instructional methods for traditional and nontraditional students; excellent communication skills; and skilled operation of a personal computer, using word processing, spreadsheet, database management, and statistical packages

Multifaceted Nature of the Job Analysis:

One of the overriding questions about job analysis is: Are they being conducted property, if at all? The answer to this question varies, depending on the organization. Generally, most organizations do conduct some type of job analysis. This job analysis extends further, however, then meeting the federal equal employment opportunity requirement. Almost everything that HRM does is directly related to the job analysis process. Recruiting, selection, compensation, and performances appraising activities are most frequently cited as being directly affected by the job analysis. But there are others. Employee training and career development are assisted by the job analysis process by identifying necessary skills, knowledge, and abilities. Where deficiencies exist, training and development efforts can be used. Similar effects can also be witnessed in determining safety and health requirements, and labor relations process, if a union exists. Accordingly, this often lengthy and complex job analysis process cannot be overlooked.

HRM Part 5

We cannot overemphasize the importance of job analysis, as it permeates most of the organization’s activities. If an organization doesn’t do its job analysis well, it probably doesn’t perform many of its human resources activities, they employees in the organization understand human resources activities and they should understand the fundamental importance of job analysis. The job analysis, then, is the starting point of sound human resource management. Without knowing what the job entails, the material covered in the following chapters may be merely an effort in futility.


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Reference by: Human Resources Management, by Adv. S.A. Huq

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