How Yoga Helps in Losing Weight

Weight Losing Yoga

Yoga is an excellent way of creating the best version of yourself. The practice of yoga promotes physical, spiritual and mental development and wellbeing.

Yoga has lots of benefits for your soul, body, and mind. If you are regularly practicing, you are getting the benefits, hopefully.

Apart from doing lots of good works for your body, yoga can help you lose weight. Please take note that yoga alone cannot make you shed the extra pounds to look slimmer. If you are combing yoga and other vigorous physical activity, then you are going to get a good outcome.

Weight Losing Yoga

It is very crucial to have a clear concept about the three layers that our active bodies are comprised of: the body, mind, and soul. Every layer is linked with the other two layers. The layers depend on and affect the other two too.

To maintain a healthy life, you must ensure the harmony between the three layers.

You cannot expect to have a fit body and clean soul if the mind is over/less active or unbalanced. Most of us are suffering because our body, mind, and soul do not have a composed relationship. Fortunately, yoga paves the way of bonding and creating synchronization among these three essential decision-making elements that rule our life.

According to fitness gurus, yoga works in various ways to maintain a healthy weight. Let’s have a look

What to expect

Generally, losing weight refers to the war between calorie input vs. calorie input. But losing the extra pounds to get the desired shape will make you go for the extra mile.

Fitness experts suggest to maintain a composed and regular lifestyle and give emphasis on having a balanced diet. Practicing yoga is genuinely beneficial for keeping your lifestyle in harmony.

Yoga to lose weight

Yoga is an excellent tool for bringing your body, mind, and soul in tune. When you are stressed up, it is possible to gain some extra pounds that may make you overweight. In that case, yoga does magic to your body and mind, as yoga is a natural stress reliever.

If yoga is practiced on a regular basis, then you are surely having a positive impact on fighting against stress and depression. Yoga promotes mindfulness, and thus you are benefitted from focusing on the weight loss regime properly.

What not to expect

Yoga alone cannot raise your heart rate enough to make it the only form of exercise you need to shed pounds, but yoga can help you get enough body strength.

If you are planning to lose weight, then you must not depend on yoga only. Yoga alone cannot help you get in shape. Some vigorous physical activities like running, walking, swimming, etc. should be combined with yoga.

The best yoga poses for weight loss

If you have never tried yoga, then don’t start with the difficult poses at the beginning. It will take some time to adjust your body with the physical activities yoga requires. Doing athletic vinyasa classes will make you burn the most calories.

best yoga for lose weight

A fast-paced series of poses called sun salutations followed by a flow of standing poses, which will keep you moving, is the unique characteristic of vinyasa yoga. Deeper backbends and stretches are introduced after you get habituated and warmed up.

many popular, perspiring yoga styles are included in vinyasa yoga, such as:


Asthanga Yoga promotes weight loss in many ways, but it doesn’t work like aerobic at the gym. It combines a good physical and mental workout, though.

Doing Asthanga yoga helps you feel positive, energetic, and composed. This form of yoga includes muscle-building exercises.

Ashtanga for weight lose

Being a fast-paced workout improves the overall physique. Your mental and spiritual wellbeing is ensured and maintained.

Asthanga yoga comprises of eight core practices:

  • Asana (postures)
  • Yama (moral and ethical guidelines)
  • Niyama (self-purification)
  • Pranayama (breathing exercises)
  • Pratyahara (control of sense)
  • Dharana (focus and concentration)
  • Dhyana (meditation)
  • Samadhi (absorption into the Universal)

If you want to get all the yoga benefits from Asthanga, then you cannot skip any practices. Some classes focus only on the physical practice, which doesn’t guarantee the overall benefits.

Ashtanga Yoga is a very challenging and firm practice. Due to the strict adherence to the routine, this yoga is unique in nature.

Benefits of Ashtanga Yoga

yoga benefit in weight lose

This is what Ashtanga Yoga will provide:

  • Calorie burning
  • Building strength, stamina, and flexibility
  • Metabolism-boosting
  • Increase in concentration and focus
  • Stress relieving
  • Deep peaceful sleep
  • Way to calm down and relax
  • Good immune system
  • Balanced hormone production
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Decreased cholesterol level
  • Improved mindfulness

Ashtanga yoga is a very vigorous style of practice, and it can seriously help you lose weight. As it is a tough form of yoga, beginners should not practice it without proper preparation and guidance.

Power Yoga

Power yoga is a very popular form of yoga all around the world. It is an easier form of Asthanga yoga. This form of yoga was invented by western teachers to make it more easily adaptable for their students. Power yoga is based on building the heat and intensity of Ashtanga.

Ashtanga yoga involves synchronizing the breath along with a set of postures, and power yoga does the same only with less difficult techniques.

How to weight lose doing yoga

Power yoga is very popular because it aims towards flexibility, toning, strength building, and functional movements. For losing weight, many people choose power yoga, and it is almost like aerobics or cardio session, and it gives the twofold benefits of yoga and an upbeat exercise regime.

Benefits of power yoga

  • Major calorie-burning workout
  • Improved immunity
  • Metabolism-boosting
  • Aids in hormone regulation
  • Increases stamina, strength, flexibility
  • Lowers high blood pressure
  • Improves the capacity of lungs
  • Relieves stress and tension
  • Results inflexible and strengthened glutes and other inactive muscles

Hot Yoga

Hot yoga is a good way of burning calories. Any kind of movement that increases your heart rate will help burn calories and promote weight loss, and hot yoga will work for shedding the extra kilos. Hot yoga is basically yoga poses practiced in a heated environment.

From the study, it is found that women burned an average of 333 calories during 90-minute slow-moving, heated yoga sessions.

Gentle yoga

Gentle yoga has surprising benefits for your body and mind. If you are regularly practicing, then gentle yoga might help you lose weight too. But, you shouldn’t expect an immediate result because gentle yoga doesn’t include any vital physical activity.

Hatha yoga

People who have regularly practiced hatha yoga noticed a significant reduction in their weight. Hatha yoga has a lot of positive impacts on your overall health. You can achieve your goal of losing weight if you are doing hatha yoga regularly.

It is suitable for beginners, and it is easy to practice also. It has many benefits, including stress reduction, improved sleep, good metabolism, etc. The blend of stress reduction, physical activity, and disciplined habits is a major factor that plays a vital role in losing weight.

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