Shomriddhi and Shokti SME Loan BRAC Bank

Shomriddhi and Shokti SME Loan Brac Bank

Shomriddhi and Shokti SME Loan BRAC Bank. SME means Small and Medium Enterprise Bring all your business ideas to life with Reliance SME Loans a reliable small business loans partner. Whether you’re looking for funds to manage your existing manufacturing setup or planning to expand it, SME Loan then your career build up and make development small business so we believe that SME Loan no business dream is too big, as far as we’re concerned.

Shomriddhi and Shokti SME Loan BRAC Bank

We assist you stitch the shreds of your ideas together with our tailor-made financial solutions of SME Loan. We provide finance for the unique requirements of more than 15 varied and promising industries. Our custom-made SME Loans for business help you take care of your every extension plan, providing finance for industrial equipment, as well as office equipment. Higher loan eligibility, from the flexibility of loan tenure, easy payment options are some of the features you can depend upon of your SME Loan. Shomriddhi and Shokti SME Loan BRAC Bank.

Bring your business expansion plan to life with Tailor-made Reliance SME Loans.

BRAC Bank, being the youngest bank, took a step to break away from usual tradition and tapped into the true suburb entrepreneurial initiatives. Today with over 14,500 crores of SME Loans disbursed till date, BRAC Bank is country’s largest SME financier that has made more than 320,000 dreams come true! If you have a dream on which you trust, let us make it true together. Shomriddhi and Shokti SME Loan BRAC Bank.

BRAC Bank SME Loan disburse is so faster than any other Bank. BRAC Bank SME Loan is different from other Bank, this SME Loan is easy to get from this bank. BRAC Bank SME Loan to this service is very good so in this purpose, I suggest SME Loan of BRAC Bank is attractive. BRAC Bank SME Loan provides your personal bank representative for information search till moving into the home.

Shomriddhi and Shokti SME Loan Brac Bank

Shomriddhi SME Loan of BRAC Bank:

To meet import-export related expenses, post-import expenses, tax/duty payment, local bill purchase and working capital, SHOMRIDDHI loan is offering BDT 1 Lac to BDT 20 million.

● LC and LATR facility

● Revolving loan, overdraft

● Local bill discounting facility

Letter of Credit (LC)/Loan against trust receipt (LATR) of SME Loan:

● LC opening facility: from BDT 1 Lac to BDT 20 million

● Up to 90% loan against LC

Shomriddhi and Shokti SME Loan BRAC Bank

Revolving of SME Loan from BRAC Bank

● Import duty payment or goods purchase facility

● Loan up to BDT 20 million

Local Bill Purchase of SME Loan

● Loan up to BDT 20 million in export

The specialty of SHOMRIDDHI SME Loan from BRAC Bank:

● Easy loan processing

● Convenient interest rate

● Loan payment facility up to 180 days.

Eligibility to get SME Loan SHOMRIDDHI from BRAC Bank

● Any kinds of businesses having valid trade license and which has been operating for at least 3 years.

● Sole proprietorship, Partnership or Private Limited Company.

Shomriddhi and Shokti SME Loan Brac Bank

What is SHAKTI SME Loan of BRAC Bank?

The business loan under which you can avail BDT 1 million to BDT 10 million to meet your any kind of business needs.

● Loan against partial security or fixed deposit

● At least 1-year bank statement.

● Overdraft Facility

Shomriddhi and Shokti SME Loan BRAC Bank

Nationwide: BRAC Bank has 152 branches, 304 ATMs, and 400 SME Unit offices.

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