Personal Loan Standard Chartered Bank

Standard Chartered’s Wholesale Banking business is here for corporate and institutional clients for the long run. Spanning more than 70 countries, we provide a wide range of solutions to facilitate commerce and finance across some of the fastest growing markets and trade corridors in today’s global economy. Standard Chartered Wholesale Banking builds on over 150 years of banking experience in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. In fact, we’re the only international bank with over 90 percent profits generated from these areas.

Standard Chartered Bank excellent local knowledge of attractive growing markets around the world consistently places us in the top three providers for our clients’ wholesale banking needs. Known as ‘The banker’s bank’, we are recognized for our unmatched on-the-ground expertise and relationship-focused approach to business. Standard chartered some type of Loan product facility of Personal Loan and Flexi Loan product Standard Chartered Bank. Personal Loan Standard Chartered Bank.

Personal & Flexi Loan from Standard Chartered

Personal Loan Standard Chartered Bank

We all need a helping hand to be able to live our life to the fullest. And in this regard, we believe that we can be your right partner by providing you with our Personal Loan products that will help you meet your needs so that you never have to compromise with all that life has to offer! Personal Loan and Flexi Loan

Personal Loan and Flexi Loan

Personal Loan: Personal Loans are fully unsecured loan facility offered to individuals, with the amount ranges from BDT 60,000 to BDT 1,000,000.

Flexi Loan: These loans are partially secured up to BDT 1,000,000, and fully secured for loan amounts in excess of BDT 1 million and up to BDT 1 crore.

Saadiq Personal Finance: This is our offering to those customers who would like to avail consumer financing in a completely Shariah Compliant way. Finance limits here range from BDT 50,000 to BDT 1,000,000.

The interest rates (including profit rate for Saadiq Personal Finance) offered for all our products are competitive, and we believe that together with our high level of overall customer service, whatever your needs may be, we can help you get the most out of life! Personal Loan and Flexi Loan.

Personal Loan Standard Chartered Bank

Who can avail Personal Loan and Flexi Loan?

These loans may be availed by both businessmen and salaried individuals, regardless of whether they are an existing Standard Chartered bank customer or not. For a more detailed analysis of your eligibility, please contact us at our call center, or fill out our referral form. Personal Loan and Flexi Loan to get any Standard Chartered Bank. Personal Loan Standard Chartered Bank.

Personal Loan and Flexi Loan Convenient

For more details on Personal Loan and Flexi Loan, please call our 24-hour Contact Centre or visit your nearest Standard Chartered Branch or Kiosk of Standard Chartered Bank.

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