Habits to Practise for a Happy Life


What does happiness mean to you? Is it a destination or a journey? This is a tough question to answer. Be it the ultimate goal or a continuous process, all we want is to be happy, don’t we?

If you want to be a happy person, you need to understand what happiness is. Humans have been pondering over the question of what it means to be truly happy. The answer is not as straight forward as one might assume. If you can define what happiness isn’t, then you might identify what happiness is.


Happiness isn’t about being in a jovial mood at all times, and it is something more significant than that. Happiness makes you calm and soothes your soul. If you can accept your limitations and appreciate the things you have, then surely you are a happy human.

Can happiness be defined solely by material possessions? Do the rich never beg for happiness? Is every poor man unhappy? It is true that if you have the money, you can expect a better standard of living, but that’s not enough to find yourself happy.

The happiest people are those who realize that life will always have ups and downs, but there’s still something to be grateful for. Nice weather, a delicious meal, a beautiful poem, a right partner, or a peaceful country can be the component of happiness.

So, how can we genuinely delineate happiness?

happy couple

Happiness is a broad term, and one single definition will not be sufficient to describe it. In my opinion, happiness is the satisfaction you feel after taking a cup of tea or accepting the unwanted things that take place in your life. If you are content with what you have, then you are chosen by happiness itself.

Can happiness be achieved by practicing a couple of habits?

Yes, a couple of good habits pave the way to happiness. All you need is to cultivate them. Let’s talk about the practices that can make you feel blissful in all situations.

Practice gratitude

Do you want to be happy? Be grateful and appreciate what you have. Gratitude increases happiness and lowers the depression level. Don’t have money for new shoes? Look at the man who cannot walk and be grateful for having two perfect legs.

Keeping a “gratitude journal” will help you. Before going to bed, make a list of things you enjoy. Appreciate the love of your mother or the warmth of your partner’s hug. You will find peace and content.

Forgive and forget

Do you know that having a bad memory can make you happier? Yes, you must delete the unwanted incidents that take place in your life. You have to forget the hurtful words said by someone close to your heart.

Remembering the painful events will cause you more pain, you will get heartache. Is it necessary to burden your soul for a five years old fight? No, it isn’t.

Don’t hold on to grudges. Forget and forgive. Holding grudges will block the positive things coming to your way. Once you forgive, you are no longer bearing the pain and anger. Sometimes forgiving means favoring yourself, and you can do this favor to yourself, can’t you?

Stop and smell the roses

Are you familiar with the term? Well, the researcher calls it “savoring,” a term refers to paying attention to the moment. Don’t focus on the past and future, and the present negativity all around. Live in the present and find happiness in the smallest things.

Your past cannot be rewritten, and your future is not in your hands, so what else is left? Your present and that’s all matter. Stop crying over the split milk and stop worrying about the unknown future.  

Get enough sleep

We often overlook the importance of sleep. For mental as well as physical wellbeing, you must need enough sleep. Getting enough sleep is vital for helping a person maintain optimal health and well-being. Sleep is as crucial as regular exercise and eating a balanced diet to maintain good health.

The benefits of sleep are:

  • Preventing depression
  • Stronger immune system
  • Better concentration and productivity
  • Greater athletic performance
  • Improved calorie regulation
  • Lower risk of cardiac disease
  • Better social and emotional intelligence, etc.

Happiness is linked to physical and mental wellbeing. If you want to be happy, you better take off your health, and to ensure sound health, sleeping enough is a requirement.

Mediate everyday

Do you know that meditation can make you happier? Yes, starting to meditate is possibly one of the best habits one can develop. Meditation has dozens of benefits, including increased focus, improved memory, and better emotional intelligence.

Dr. Herbert Benson of Harvard Medical school, found in his research that meditation had a progressive result in treating anxiety, depression, obsessive thinking, and aggression. It is found in research that regular meditation can permanently rewire the brain to raise levels of happiness.

According to Psychology Today, meditation is the strongest mental practice that influences to reorganize your happiness set point, thus turning you into an ecstatic person and rewiring significant areas in your brain.


Smile more often

How many of us know that only smiling can keep you away from many negative health issues? Smiling is a healthy habit to improve your well-being. Smiling is not just an involuntary response to the things that make you happy; it can be a voluntary response to promote positivity and happiness.

It is found from countless scientific studies that a genuine smile is mostly considered attractive to others around us. Smiling can boost your mood. An active link between good health, longevity, and smiling is found in another study.

Some benefits of smiling are:

  • Increased positivity
  • Boosted immune system
  • Lower blood pressure level
  • Younger look
  • Stress reliever, etc.

Spend quality time with your loved ones

A hug from your kid or a kiss from your mommy makes you feel satisfied and content, and there is no love more significant than the love of your family. Staying close to the persons you love will make you happy and bring you much more satisfaction than the stuff your money can buy.

Happiness is having genuine human relationships in your life. No matter how busy you are, never stop taking care of your loved ones. Always look for excuses to have a family get-together. Never let your friends be way from you.

quality time with your loved ones

Be positive

Happiness and positivity are interlinked. Always try to look for positive things. Avoid the negative people and situations as much as you can. As positivity breeds happiness so don’t give up on searching the positive vibes around you.

Keep a little distance from your gadgets

Is it possible to live a technology-free life? The answer would be “no” in this era of technology, but you can always make a little distance from gadgets and social media.

Instead of getting engaged in the screen, read a book or take a walk in the woods. Stay connected to nature, and people will help you find true happiness.

Saying “no” is important

Sometimes you need to say “no” to others. You must not do anything for other’s sake, which is detrimental to your wellbeing. Of course, helping others is a good practice but never burdens your soul by doing something beyond your capacity.

Please don’t think that saying “no” will make you a selfish creature, and somewhat it is beautiful sometimes. You cannot put yourself last on the priority list. Creating a balance between the “yes” and “no” would be an ideal way of maintaining a healthy social life.

Plan your money

Money isn’t everything, but you cannot buy anything without money, so money is essential. Happiness requires a stress-free life; managing your finance is a great way to remain stress-free, especially with financial issues.

What are you spending on? Where are you spending? How can you pay your debt off?

To bring yourself in better financial shape, don’t forget to ask these questions to yourself. Once you are in a better financial position, you begin to feel more protected, less apprehensive, and anxious about tomorrow and usually happier and more stress-free.

Exercise is a must

Exercise is a stress reliever and can uplift your mood. Simple exercises like yoga, jogging, or some stretching could considerably boost your mood and lift your spirits.

You can go walking, swimming, cycling or any other exercise according to your choice. By exercising regularly, you will have both physical and mental satisfaction and wellbeing.

To keep your mind calm, there is no alternative to yoga. This is the most recommendable habit to adopt to keep you in a happy mood because it is simple and can be done anywhere you are.

happy mood

Do you prefer to be happy? Start practicing the habits listed above. Don’t rush, just start by mastering one habit at a time, then quickly move on to the next. Trust me, and you will be surprised by the result.

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