Games for Babies That Build Math Skills

boy doing math worksheet

When parents think of math, long equations, and complicated measurements come to mind. The truth is, math can be fun! Especially if you play games for babies that help develop these skills.

Like most things, learning starts at home, and what is a better way to prepare your kids for school than educational activities that teach them critical math skills. Playing math games for babies develops into a love for math in general – and children take this love and knowledge with them right through school and into college.

Let’s look at some fun math games for babies that can be played at school or home.

boy doing math worksheets

Kindergarten Math Games for the Classroom

When kids go to kindergarten at around four or five years old, they might know how to count on their fingers or with objects. This is the perfect opportunity to play some simple printable math games for kindergarten.

These printable worksheets are similar to the workbooks with math and language games for babies that you can buy at any good bookshop. The class teacher can go online and find them – they are usually in the form of object pictures the kindergarten-aged child will recognize, such as apples or cars.

Depending on the type of math they are doing, for example, adding or subtracting, the teacher will explain the game’s rules. The kids then have to fill in their answers on the printable worksheet. They can even draw their answers, such as three apples + three apples = drawing of six apples.

As kids get older and understand more mathematical functions, such as multiplication and division, these worksheets can turn into fun math games for preschool classes!

Preschooler Math Games for Babies

If you’re looking for more easy math games for preschoolers, try the following.

Divide the class up into groups of four, give each group a deck of cards. Every team has to arrange each suit (spades, aces, clubs, hearts) from two to ten. The first group to finish wins! Activities like these help kids count and understand the sequence of numbers.

If the school has a smartboard, you should try out some smartboard games for math. Smartboards are interactive and visual – awesome to carry out educational activities for preschoolers!

girls play dice

There are also plenty of games for babies that can be played on computers and mobile phones. Some cool math games for mobile devices, like phones and tablets, include cards and Prodigy. Prodigy is a free website where teachers and parents can choose age-appropriate math exercises for kids to play. Qualified teachers for different school curriculums create them.

Math Games to Play at Home

If you want to encourage math at home, and you really should, why not try some fun homemade math quizzes? They are perfect games for babies because you can use objects that you have in the house.

If you’re wondering about homemade math games for preschoolers, this is a very simple one. You can put some cups on the table for smaller kids and get them to count and sort objects by color. For example, all the red lego go in the red cup, and all the yellow lego — in the yellow one. Once the lego has been sorted, get them to count all the pieces in each mug.

Older kids who are into computers and mobile phones can also play math activities at home. There are plenty of free math games for girls online – like baking, to measure and count ingredients. And while the kids are learning through play online, mom, dad, and elder children can try smart slots for fun.

Who Doesn’t Love Cards?

 a person holding playing cards

There is plenty of fun in card games for math – put two cards next to each other and add a plus or minus sign between them. Add an equals sign next to them and get your child to choose the card that answers the equation.

Board games are also a staple in many homes, but have you tried playing board games for math skills? If you’re looking for them – try snakes and ladders —  it encourages counting on the actual board’s dice and spaces.

If your child is old enough to understand board games that are a bit longer and more complex, give Monopoly a try! Players have to buy the property with Monopoly money through the bank. This is a math exercise for all ages – it encourages counting, addition, subtraction, and critical thinking skills.

We all know how much kids love car racing games, right?

Happy Wheel is a great choice if you want to find car games that are also cool math games for kids. This car racing app can be played on Android and iOs devices – players have to race against a clock and collect tokens.

If you want to try some games for babies and involve the whole family, dominoes are a classic! It is a counting game with ceramic tiles; the aim is to play a tile that matches the number on the tile that is on the table. It is super fun when you play a number that your opponent does not have! The winner is the first player who gets rid of all the tiles.

monopoly board game

Building math skills can be fun and interactive; you just have to choose the appropriate math exercises for the different age groups as the child is growing up. That way, the math game is a little bit challenging but not too difficult. Otherwise, there will be no fun!

What maths games have you tried first? Tell us in the comments!

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