9 Ways to Keep the Love Alive in Your Marriage

Love Alive marriage

Love is the basic component of any relationship, specifically marriage. I don’t deny that only love cannot make a marriage successful, loyalty, respect and trust equally play the vital roles but without love, it is pretty tough to spend your whole life with anyone.

At the beginning of a marriage, everything seems so perfect. The honeymoon period, the ultimate romance, the movie time, etc. seem so beautiful. But as time passes by, the spark between the couples start to fade away.

Does every marriage go through this situation? Yes, almost every married couple feel the lack of love and warmth in marriage at some point in life. Does every couple fail in marriage? No, because despite all hurdles, some couples fight for love, and they win.

Love Alive marriage

You cannot prevent stale moments from occurring in your marriage, but it is possible to strengthen the substance of a relationship in a way that minimizes their effect and diminishes their frequency to a noteworthy level.

Is there any formula to keep a marriage alive? Do we need to follow some rules? Actually, there is no single formula, but remember whether you’re 20 or 90—just never stop infusing your life with more fun and pleasure.

Try these ways to maintain, or reignite, the spark in your relationship. 

Take a break from the routine life

Adventure is good for relationships as the normal routine might make you feel bored and monotonous. We all have our own routine, and following a routine life isn’t bad at all. But have you ever thought that breaking the routine can be fun?

If you are looking for some excitement and thrill, just do something crazy. Sometimes it is healthy to break some rules and do some adventurous things. If Fridays have always been reserved for household chores, plan for something different.

You always liked hiking but never got a chance? Take a break and get lost in nature with your spouse. If you spend every Sunday with the kids, then spare one Sunday for a movie date. Doing little things can bring the spark back in your marriage, and you are going to love this.

Keep surprising each other

Everyone enjoys surprises, and so does your spouse. Surprising, each other can be a good way to keep the relationship alive and igniting.

You can surprise in a thousand ways, just try to find the excuse to do so. Sometimes getting a flower bouquet or chocolates will do a great job. Sending a photo from your old days might work to bring some sparks.

A romantic poem, a short note full of love, or a hot photo wearing his/her favorite attire can be a good surprise. Remember the feeling you used to get when you sent and received surprise texts at the beginning of your marriage? You might have stopped surprising him/her, but it can bring the sparks back.

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Appreciate the things your spouse does for you

Do you thank your spouse for the little things he/she does for you? If no, then start saying “thank you” for the little good things happen in your everyday life. We may not express, but there is a thirst for appreciation in our life.

You don’t need to be formal and thank your partner every time, but make sure to acknowledge his/her effort. Don’t try to make a list of the works your partner doesn’t do, instead count the positive things. “I cleaned the kitchen, so you have to clean the dishes.” “I have gifted you a dress; now it is your turn.” Don’t play the “tit for tat” game, and it ruins the peace and harmony.

If you keep appreciating, then you will get to hear “thank you,” too. Don’t rush for the feedback; keep practicing the good things, then hopefully, you will get the rewards someday.

Keep dating each other.

Keep dating

We assume that only young couples should date. But dates are for the couples; age isn’t a matter in case of dating. In my opinion, couples who have been together for a while should go on dates more frequently as they remain busy with kids or household activities.

Never feel too old to date your spouse. Be it a candlelight dinner or a movie date, just keep dating each other. Always make some time to plan for a date. If leaving home seems difficult, then plan a home date. Consider making dates a regular feature of your relationship.

Practice romance

Normally after some years of marriage, couples forget to practice romance, which is a silent killer in their relationship. Without romance, your love life is not complete, actually. To keep a marriage healthy and alive, you must acknowledge the importance of romance.

Practice romance

There are many ways to practice being romantic together. like:

  • Taking a shower together
  • Watching a romantic movie
  • Listening to romantic songs
  • Keep texting romantic messages
  • Sitting by your roaring fireplace with wine and talk
  • Looking into each other’s eyes
  • Going for a walk holding hands together
  • Going through the wedding albums and recalling the good memories
  • Reading poetry together
  • Dancing in private
  • Feeding each other

Don’t stop doing the little things

If you want your marriage to be a successful one, then never ignore the little things. These little things will make your relationship stronger day by day. We often overlook the small matters, but they play important roles in our marriage.

Don’t forget to hold your spouse’s hand when you are walking, always try to help with the household activities, offer help in case of filling up the car or doing the groceries. Your simple gesture will make your spouse feel better, and thus, your relationship will get a boost.

Go on a second honeymoon.

second honeymoon

Honeymoon is something you just cannot skip. Are you allowed to go on honeymoon just once? Not really. We have a mindset that honeymoon happens only once in our marriage, but have you ever thought of breaking this rule?

You should plan for your second or third honeymoon, and make sure you are going on honeymoon, not a family trip. To bring a couple together, honeymoon works like magic. So why should you use this opportunity only once? Plan to spend some quality time with your spouse and get lost in love.

A second honeymoon is a superb idea to express your love for one another and reminisce about your marriage and the couple chemistry between you.

Unplug from technology

You should spend some quality time with your spouse. While spending time together, try to unplug from technology. A phone call can be very distracting while having a love talk or listening to a romantic song. When a couple is passing alone-time, there should be no distracting elements like a cellphone or tab.

When you are planning for a date or a trip, try to keep your devices away. Don’t get so busy in maintaining virtual relationships that your partner feels deprived and unloved.

Watch your words

Harsh words can do permanent damage to your marriage, and you might not get any hint. Be very careful when you are in a fight or argument. It is never a good idea to start a conversation with: “You know it’s always been your problem that…” Who wants to hear that from their partner?

Your constant bullying will make your partner feel low, and thus, your marriage will be negatively affected. On the other hand, your soft and kind words will do magic to bring you together.

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