15 Basic Questions about Wall Painting Ideas for Home


Home is the place where we belong and where love never ends. We all find ultimate pleasure and comfort in our home. You can make your home more beautiful and classy if you give it a perfect makeover. Painting your home is undoubtedly a fantastic idea.

Do you need some exciting and attention-grabbing wall painting ideas for home? Do you want your home to look better? Your bedroom needs some new shades, are you thinking of something extraordinary? Are you looking for the tips and tricks of painting?


Lots of queries, and I am here to enlighten you with satisfactory answers.

Let’s get started with the most basic questions about wall painting ideas for your home.

1. What is the best way to paint a room?

You need to follow the painting order to get the perfect finish. At first, go with the ceilings work than paint the walls. After finishing the walls, then step into the woodwork and let the floor be done at the end. If you want to finish it within the time then you better cover the larger space first.

Ceilings > Walls > Woodwork > Floor

2. How much does it cost to hire a painter to paint a room?

A very primary question to ask yourself if you are planning to paint the home. Well, the cost depends on some factors like room size, the texture of your walls, drying time, etc. on average, it may cost $300-$700 to hire a painter to paint a 10×12 room.

You can save some bucks if you do some work rather than leave it to the professionals.

3. How to prepare a room for painting?

Some required steps for preparing a room for painting are:

  • Taking furniture out
  • Covering fixed furniture
  • Removing wall decorations and shelves
  • Unscrewing all switch plates and outlet covers
  • Filling in any holes with spackle and let it dry for 24 hours
  • Sanding the walls using 220-grit sandpaper or sanding block
  • Wiping walls with lathered water to get rid of any grime and stains
  • Laying drop cloths on the floor
  • Applying primer in case of using a darker shade

4. How many coats of paint should I put on?

That’s an important question to ask when you’re doing a painting project. The number of coats depends on certain issues, like:

  • Painting the same color on an interior wall
  • Painting a new color on an interior wall
  • Using a primer

If you are applying the same color, then one coat is okay. If you are planning to change the color, then you might need two or more coats.

5. What factors to consider before start painting my home?

While searching for wall painting ideas, you should keep certain issues in mind, such as-

  • Orientation of rooms
  • Budget and planning
  • Painting tools including
    • Paint roller
    • Paint roller extension pole
    • Drop cloths
    • Paintbrushes
    • Paint trays
    • Sandpaper
    • Painter’s tape
    • Rags
    • Putty knife etc.
  • Sources of light and air
  • Fixed and furnished elements
  • Paint finishes
  • Mood
  • Surfaces

6. How to clean the walls before painting?

Before painting your walls, you should clean them. After removing the wallpaper or old paint, washing down the targeted surface with warm water and liquid detergent is necessary. While painting the kitchen, don’t forget to use a stronger detergent as the walls are greasy. You must leave the walls to dry completely after rinsing off all the residues.

7. How to paint a ceiling?

If you want a smooth finish for the ceilings, then follow the steps properly:

  • Use the perfect roller and pole
  • Go for flat paint
  • Move all furniture
  • Must cover the floor
  • Cover the trim with tape
  • Put on the stain-blocking primer before painting

8.  What color should I paint my trim?

Well, you can color according to your preference, but the experts suggest to use a lighter color trim on dark walls. If the walls are light, any dark color, especially black or gray, will be a good choice.

9. How do I select the perfect color of paint for my living space?

Being the center of your home, the living space should be colored according to the family members’ choice. You spend family time in your living areas, so make it cool and classy. Your interior taste will be reflected by your selection of color too.

There are so many options, and to decide the right one is a tough task. Here I have some suggestions for you:

  • Beige- Want to make your living room classy yet minimalist? Beige is the right choice.
  • Black- Well, sounds dramatic and unexpected? But trust me, the black living room might be an outstanding idea.
  • Green- is fresh and subtle, the splash of life will be brought by green color.
  • Light Blue- If you want a peaceful and stabilized look, then go for Light Blue. You can try other shades of blue too.
  • Gray- If your living space is comparatively small, then gray is good to go.

10. What is the ideal color for my bedroom?

Any favorite color of yours can work as your bedroom color, but you need to put effort into the whole interior. If you are a green lover, then a soft green bedroom will make you happy. To make it classy, you can opt for beige or mocha. Even different shades of blue can do wonder. If you want it simple yet aristocratic, then pure white will be a good option too.


11. How to choose the kitchen wall colors?

If you want to feel refreshed and soothed while cooking, then white or other shades of white is a perfect choice. The white-colored kitchen gives a fresh vibe. Any bright color, specifically yellow, orange, or red, will increase the appetite, so you can choose any of them. To get a natural look go for mint green.

12. Should I go for different colors for the entire house?

Yes, you can choose a separate color for your house, like yellow for kitchen and white for living space. Different shades will not let you get bored, and it will add an energetic vibe too. You can paint your bedroom blue, and you might choose pink for your baby girl (if you have any).

If budget is an issue and you want to keep it simple, then choose one single color for the entire house. It is less expensive, and it doesn’t consume more time and energy.

13. Which color would be the best one for exterior wall paint?

Looking for the best exterior wall paint, and you are confused? Well, I understand. The outer side is equally important. The outer portion will represent your personality and taste, so be watchful. If you want the traditional and classy look, then brown, warm green, light yellow, brick red, or gray would be a good choice.

14. Installing trim or painting walls, which comes first?

Before painting the walls, it’s better to sort out things with the trim because it is harder to cut a line on woodwork. Using a 9-inch roller would really help you paint the walls.

15. Do I need to fit skirting before painting?

Yes, you should fit skirting first to avoid any hassle of touching up afterward, and it will save you time too.

These basic questions and their answers hopefully guide you in the right direction while you are painting your home. Paint the entire house is an old but effective technique to give your home a new look. If you choose the right combination of colors and decors, then you are going to enjoy the makeover. Home is your paradise on earth, make it beautiful and elegant.

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